from Kingston | Jamaica



SPENXSHELL was born and raised in the garrison of Kingston Waterhouse, a place known as SAMACAN.

As many youth the eyes have seen and been through a lot in these streets which led to the passion for music to relief any form of discomfort. Long nights in the studio with the presence of veteran Artists like the great JOHN WAYNE, JOHN HOLT, BURRO BANTON, NITTY KUTCHIE, BABY WAYNE, MAJOR MACKEREL & FLOURGON influenced him while growing up.

Together with his childhood friends DOTTA COPPA, PRINCE VILLA, RAS GOUDIE, ROOTLESS & KAZMO a crew of upcoming artists was formed, except of PRINCE VILLA who was the man behind the instruments and production.

At this time his Dj name was LOVESPEN, a nick name that sticked after a curse out from his mother because he didn’t saved money in front his peers one day. Later on based on toughness, talent and demeanor people in and around the community of Red Hills Road started calling him SPENXSHELL.

People who hear the name often think of it in a negative way although it means something totally opposite. The name SPEN comes from LOVESPEN and the X means Xtra Special, Xtra Talented, and the SHELL came into play based on performances at stage shows. In Jamaica after a great performance and a good reception from the audience people gonna say: “YUH SHELL THE SHOW YOUTH”. That’s how the name SPENXSHELL sticked.

Currently Spenxshell is working with Prince Villa Records and Dancehall Station Productions on his debut EP for which a European tour is planned.